Rodrick is Gregs older brother. He is always fighting with Greg and dislikes him.


Rodrick tries to be very tough and cool. He has a very rocker personality because of him being in his band, the Loded Diaper. He is very greedy and he will do anything to make Greg bow down to him. Rodrick will also help Greg from time to time but the help will be painful. To get home from swimming Greg had to sit in the back of Rodrick's van while his drum equipment rolled on top of him. Rodrick almost gave away that Greg had a diary to the whole school.


Rodrick is in a band called the Loded Diaper. They all think they are good but their music is terrible. He plays the drums in the band. Rodrick also likes to play violent video games and watch scary movies like The Muddy Hand and that influences Manny to draw bad things that their mom doesn't like.


In the movie Rodrick has black messy hair and mascara on. He usually wears a plain dark colored tee shirt.