Greg is in Junior High. He loves to play video games and slack off. He is always getting into trouble with his family and friends but he can be very caring too. He is always trying to be cooler, but his attempts fail most of the time. He and his wing man Rowley are just trying to survive Middle School. 


Greg is a very wimpy person but he can be still cool rarely. He is always trying to get the girls but it never happens. He is always trying to teach Rowley how to be cool but Rowley just calls Greg a "Bad Influence." Greg is a very big trouble maker and always is trying to be popular. Greg can also be caring, if he gets something in return. In the movie, he gets Rodrick into the country club but he needed Rodrick to do something in return of Gregs deed.


Greg is a big time video game player. He wanted to spend all of summer inside playing video games but his mom didn't let him. In the movie, Greg's dad made him become a Boy Scout. He also likes going to the salon with his mom to hear gossip. He doesn't really have any other hobbies than playing video games.


Greg Playing Video Games.